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Missionary Testimonies

Inspite of the persecution

Halima Musa, like any other member of her community, grew up hating Christians and anything that had to do with the gospel of Christ. However, an encounter with Jesus in a dream changed the narrative she had. She surrendered her life to Christ and became a preacher of the gospel.

He gave all up

Mr. Abdu was born and raised in the Islamic faith in Northern Nigeria. Global events created questions in his heart that led him on a journey of discovery.
Join Mr. Abdu on his journey of discovery.

The Impossible happened

In a remote village in Northern Nigeria, Jeremiah Ishaku made numerous attempts to spread the gospel. Then, one pivotal event occurred…


Advocating for Missionaries: Noella's Story in Missions

We featured Noella, a music minister and missions advocate. Noella partners with Missions 1 to advocate for missionaries using her music ministry and prayers.

Meet Elijah Affi of TM Global a Strong Advocate for Missions

Meet Elijah Affi the Creative Director of TM GLOBAL and a passionate advocate for missions.

Outreach to Niger state

Missions Outreach to Dukawa and Kambari people in Niger state

Outreach to Bauchi state, Nigeria

Missions Outreach to Geruma people group in Bauchi state, Nigeria

Missions 1 is a missions support organization that uses storytelling tools to enlighten Christians about Missionaries and their efforts.

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