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Missions 1, a mission support organization located in Abuja, Nigeria

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Missions 1 is a mission support organization located in Abuja, Nigeria, with a vision to connect the church and missionaries through effective communication platforms, compelling stories, and support systems. Our goal is to bridge the gap in communication and support between the church and missionaries in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of missions work. This is achieved by using storytelling tools to inspire and motivate Christians to give support in various forms such as financial, material, and spiritual. Our efforts directly impact the lives of neglected and underprivileged communities where the missionaries work.

At Missions 1, we hold a set of core values including integrity, accountability, love and compassion, excellence, and innovation. Our mission is to uphold these values in all that we do. As part of our efforts, we also have a 1% strategy that encourages Christians to give 1% of their income monthly to support missions work.

In order to reach every Unreached person in the world, we employ a four-pronged approach. We use video documentaries, short films, articles, and pictures to tell compelling stories of missionaries who are making a difference against all odds. These stories are deployed on relevant media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and traditional media outlets. The goal is to raise funds and resources to support the efforts of missionaries, particularly among Unreached People Groups (UPGs). This can be done through training, building schools, health facilities, clean water, and hygiene facilities.

One of the stories that exemplify the work of Missions 1 is Halima Mohammed’s story. Halima was born as a Muslim, but had a supernatural encounter and became a Christian. She is now a missionary reaching her own people and raising disciples in Northern Nigeria.

So, we urge you to join us in our mission. Sign up today and give 1% of your regular income to support our cause. Whether it’s financial support, material support, or spiritual support, every bit counts in helping to spread the gospel and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged and neglected communities. Together, we can reach every unreached person in the world. Join us in our mission today.

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