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Kwara State Outreach Report 2021

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Missions 1 is a missions support organization that uses storytelling tools to enlighten Christians about Missionaries and their efforts, as well as motivate Christians to give support (e.g. financial, material, spiritual, voluntary, etc. ) to missions work, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of missions. Missions 1’s efforts directly improve the livelihoods of underprivileged and neglected communities where the missionaries work.

The Oasis, RCCG is the Youth Church of the RCCG Kings Court in Victoria Island, Lagos. The ministry is passionate about outreaches to the lost and reaching the unreached with the gospel. The Oasis is a house of refreshment for a generation thirsty for God.

Christ to the Unreached Missions International is a mission organization with mission stations in several states in Nigeria. Her missions efforts are largely among unreached peoples groups in hard-to-reach regions in Nigeria.

From Monday 24th to Thursday 27th May 2021, The Oasis RCCG, Christ to the Unreached Missions International, and Missions 1 embarked on a storytelling effort and missions outreach to the Dukawa and Fulani people living in Kwara State, Nigeria.

  • The Dukawa people are one of the few primitive tribes in Nigeria. A number of the Dukawa are Muslim. However, the majority of the Dukawa practice ethnic religions.
  • The Fulani people are scattered around Northern Nigeria. These semi-nomadic people fiercely reject anything they perceive as contrary to their lifestyle of roaming with their cattle herds. Islam and ethnic religions are predominant among the Fulanis.

In line with the vision of all three organizations, the objectives of the effort were as follows:


  1. Minister salvation, healing, and deliverance to the people living in communities, and other nearby communities in Kwara State.
  2. Provide medical treatment to the people of the communities.
  3. Minister to the missionaries working among the Dukawa and Fulani people groups in these regions.
  4. Provide financial and material support to some of these missionaries during the outreach.
  5. Tell compelling stories of these missionaries and their efforts among unreached people groups in Kwara state. 
  6. Deploy stories of the missionaries in video, photo, audio, and written formats via media platforms, in order to create awareness and raise support for the missionaries and their efforts. 


  1. Throughout the outreach period, we ministered prayer, salvation, healing, deliverance, and medical treatment to over 500 people in total. 
  2. Eleven missionaries were given financial aid worth N195,000 to support their efforts. Cattle medication worth N80,000 was given to the members of the Fulani communities. We also distributed 1,352 clothing items, 53 pairs of footwear, 16 bags, 11 headgears, 6 caps, 3 toys, and 222 books (education literature and notebooks). N287,200 was spent on Medication and this was given to over 165 persons (this includes 15 children living with sickle cell).
  3. Two compelling stories (video, photo, audio, and written formats) of missionaries and their efforts among the Dukawa and Fulani people groups in these regions were recorded. Deployment of these stories will be made on media platforms after the videos and pictures have been edited to create awareness and raise support for the missionaries and their efforts.
  4. The missionaries in that region have reported an unprecedented increase in church worship attendance by about 15% within a week of the team’s visit.


  1. There was a poor GSM network in the fields, so communicating with the rest of the world was difficult during the trip.
  2. There is a school in only one of the four communities visited. This makes education difficult as some children have to travel over 10 kilometres to reach the school.
  3. There is no source of clean water in the communities visited. The people are left with no choice but to drink dirty water that causes them to be sick and unhealthy.


  1. The collaboration between The Oasis RCCG, Christ to the Unreached Missions International, and Missions 1 was necessary for the level of success achieved during this outreach; going forward, collaborations like this are highly recommended.
  2. We recommend the building of a borehole water well for the communities. This is one gift that can keep giving back to society.

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