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Nasarawa State Outreach Report 2021

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Missions 1 is a missions support organization that uses storytelling tools to enlighten Christians about Missionaries and their efforts, as well as motivate Christians to give support (e.g. financial, material, spiritual) to missions work, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of missions. Missions 1’s efforts directly improves the livelihoods of underprivileged and neglected communities where the missionaries work.

From Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th March, Missions 1 embarked on a storytelling and outreach effort to the missionaries working among the Landba (Madan-tara) and Buh tribes in Nasarawa state, Nigeria.

In line with the vision of Missions 1, the objectives of the effort were as follows:


  1. Distribute clothes, footwears, medical supplies and household items to families among the Landba and Buh people groups in these regions. 
  2. Minister to the missionaries working among the Landba and Buh people groups in these regions.
  3. Provide financial and material support to some of these missionaries during the trip.
  4. Tell compelling stories of these missionaries and their efforts among unreached people groups in Nasarawa state. 
  5. Deploy stories of the missionaries in video, photo, audio and written formats via media platforms, in order to create awareness and raise support for the missionaries and their efforts. the


  1. Six missionaries were given financial aid worth N170,000 to support their efforts. We also distributed 597 clothes for adults, 258 clothes for children, 43 pairs of footwears, 7 bags, 3 caps and 10 medical supplies to the missionaries working in the region and the people of the community. 
  2. Two compelling stories (video, photo, audio and written formats) of missionaries and their efforts among the Landba and Buhi people groups in these regions in Nasarawa state were recorded. One feature story on the Landba people was also recorded.
  3. Deployment of these stories will be made on media platforms after the videos and pictures have been edited to create awareness and raise support for the missionaries and their efforts. 


  1. There was little or no GSM network signal in the fields, so communicating with the rest of the world was difficult during the trip.
  2. The only school in the community visited is dilapidated and non functional.
  3. Some of the converts are returning to Islam and traditional worship because of poor follow up and discipleship.


  1. Conduct extensive outreaches where salvation, healing and deliverance will be ministered to the people. 
  2. Conduct a Ministers Conference for the missionaries and ministers working in this region to strengthen their follow up and discipleship capacity.
  3. Renovate the school in the community visited and restore it to its operational capacity. 

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