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JOY! Amidst a Tested Faith

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Ibrahim’s bravery and perseverance in today’s story is admirable. Ibrahim Abdu was born into a Muslim family and practiced Islam throughout his early years. He started questioning his faith in 2010 when the crisis began in Libya, Egypt, and other Muslim countries. He wondered if Islam was the right way, if he was on the right path to Heaven, and if the Muslims were the people of God, why was there so much chaos and hostility amongst ‘believers’ and against ‘infidels’?

Being a curious person and someone who has always owned a bible, he started searching the scriptures, combining them with the Quran in search of the TRUTH. Upon his research, he discovered that most of what he was told about the bible contradicted what was written in the Bible. It was at this point that he realized that Jesus is the way, no one will see God except through Him. From that time, he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour.

Abdu’s new faith was soon tested in the harshest ways. First, the Mallams tried to convince him back to Islam, his community and family turned against him, his life was threatened but God intervened, and above all, his wife and kids were taken from him. In all of this, Abdu never lost his joy in Christ Jesus. Now he is a missionary reaching unsaved souls in Northern Nigeria. Within one year of ministry, God has used him to plant four churches.

Ibrahim Abdu is calling for partnerships in propagating the gospel of Christ and expresses the need for social amenities especially for the new converts who have been persecuted and neglected by their families in Northern Nigeria. 

Today, there are thousands of unreached people groups in the world, and with your partnership, you can be a part of reaching them with the gospel!

Watch the Youtube video HERE

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