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The Story of Halima Musa

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Deep within one of the remote villages in Northern Nigeria, Halima Musa, like any other member of her community, grew up hating Christians and anything that had to do with the gospel of Christ. However, an encounter with Jesus in a dream changed the narrative she had. She surrendered her life to Christ and became a preacher of the gospel. From her community, she began preaching and discipling others under the teachings of the gospel and began to spread this message to other surrounding villages. Soon after, her entire community of 340 people abandoned Islam and idol worship to serve Jesus Christ. 

Over the years, Halima Musa has established over 40 churches in several rural settlements around Northern Nigeria, recruited over 24 missionaries to oversee them, and has discipled and baptized hundreds of converts along the way. 

Members of the Kano community

As the word of God spread throughout the villages, believers were  met with tremendous persecutions and difficulties. Some of the churches she built in some communities were destroyed; she stood before a court, was arrested and imprisoned several times by the police, as it was deemed a crime to continue on the path she was on. All of these events put her life and the lives of several missionaries who follow her teachings in jeopardy. Her community, now Christian-dominated, was marginalised by other communities. They hardly had enough to eat, and infrastructure like potable drinking water, clinics, roads, and electricity have been denied them by leaders overseeing the villages around their community. Some of the villagers had to sleep in one of the schools built by a church in her community after school hours due to inadequate accommodation. The communities suffered various outbreaks of infectious diseases because of the large number of people sharing rooms. 

Cross-section of children in a community in Kano

However, these challenges, to the surprise of everyone, only made her more resolute about preaching the gospel of Christ. She continues to preach the message of salvation and has made it her mission to make Jesus Christ known in every nook and cranny of Northern Nigeria. 

Halima Musa recognises that she can’t achieve this mission on her own; hence, she continues to beckon on the help of Christians all around the world to partner with her to ensure the gospel of God’s kingdom is preached, so as to equip missionaries with all they need to disciple new converts in the numerous villages they are sent to.

Join Halima Musa as she continues to reach the unreached in Northern Nigeria. Watch her full story here

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