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One Knock Changed Everything!

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Being a Christian is one thing, but being fully involved in the propagation of the gospel is another. Today, we will be looking at a story about a missionary in Northern Nigeria- Jeremiah Ishaku. For someone who used to be a traditional worshiper, he has with passion and grit labored in the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God to unreached people groups in Northern Nigeria.


One evening, Jeremiah heard a knock at his door. Without knowing what this knock would do to his ministry, he opened the door to some children who informed him that he was called by their mother and in his usual way, followed them. Upon arriving at where he was taken, he met a crowd gathered around a dead girl. Jeremiah immediately thought of what Jesus would do or did in the bible. He told them the girl was not dead and they looked in bewilderment!


Jeremiah started singing and praying and after a while, he said “Afiniki tashi (wake up)!” He called her name and told her to wake up and to the glory of God, she woke up! This one miracle changed everything! It opened doors to the gospel of Jesus Christ amidst traditional worshippers and other religions. The ripple effect of this was that men and women destroyed their shrines and evil altars, burning down their charms and all places that they trusted and believed strongly in, and gave their lives to Christ! More interestingly was when the village masquerade, like Nicodemus, came at night to surrender his life to Christ. The new believer began boldly proclaiming the gospel and praying for the sick and they got healed.


When the people saw the challenges that their traditions and religions could not solve but the power of Jesus did, they opened their hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. Twice during a fellowship, they witnessed the baptism of The Holy Ghost on an entire crowd with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  Jeremiah has been able to build three churches and has also discipled over a hundred people and some of them are overseeing smaller fellowships and teaching others the word of God!


Jeremiah believes partnering with him would bring a huge harvest for the Kingdom of God. He expresses how having a formal school and vocational centers to economically empower the locals in these communities will increase the rate of discipleship and allow them to study the Word of God by themselves. He also points out the need for medical centers and motorcycles for the missionaries to go to hard-to-reach areas for the gospel of Jesus.

Missionaries like Jeremiah are doing a lot for the gospel. Imagine what they can do with even more partnerships!

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